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The Origin of the game

The emperor's new clothes story

Naked Court's conception began on my birthday in early January 2021. Living through a pandemic reminded me of the joy and wonder of a simple, well balanced card game and the limitless fun they can provide. In an age of digital technology, I was enamored by these little living analogue art-pieces that are able to provide such a variety of play and interaction with friends and loved ones.

And that's when the lightbulb went off...

It was somehow clear to me that I could make a game too, and make a better one at that! I dove headfirst into the project and it became a passion. The intuitive dominoes continued to fall and the project kept evolving as if it knew exactly what it was meant to become. I'd often go to bed at night, or wake up the next day feeling like it was all a dream...for the simple fact that I knew in my bones it was a legitimate endeavor that would see the light of day.

Androgynous Emperor card from Naked Court: The Card Game

The Creator

Portrait of Hans Christian Andersen

Inventor / Director Christian Simmons resides in lovely Manzanita, Oregon. A commercial director by trade, Christian’s childhood dream was to be an inventor, a mad scientist even! His career encompasses a love of duality, of opposites, and complementary energies. Despite the variety of work under his belt…that is the common thread: a holistic vision of light & dark, of pain & ecstasy, of ugliness & beauty. My promise: a Christian creation is sure to delight and intrigue.

The author of "The Emperor's New Clothes" Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875) next to the card from the game in which his likeness is featured: the male King! Funny enough, my FULL name is Christian Anderson Simmons. So that kinda makes Hans Christian Andersen my namesake :)

Androgynous Emperor card from Naked Court: The Card Game
Yellow halftone pattern
Female Emperor Card for Naked Court: The Card GameA card from "Naked Court: The Card Game": Rainbow RobeMale Jack Card for Naked Court: The Card Game


Thanks to all the wonderful Kickstarter backers who helped make Naked Court a reality. Check out the Backer Tribute page to see the full list of names, and take the cards... for a spin ;)

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