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Naked Court: The Card Game

Fully funded on Kickstarter!

Naked Court is currently being produced and is expected to ship Mid-2022!

The family-friendly, gender-bending, fast playing, strategic card game based on the classic fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes."

In Naked Court: The Card Game, players must first assemble their Courts during "The Royal Entrance", then attempt to stay clothed as your opponents do their darndest to denude your Royals in "The Battle Royale"; because in Naked Court...when you're NAKED, you're OUT!

The game features male, female, and androgynous characters (Royal Cards) that are limited in their fashion-choices (Attire Cards) depending on which gender they identify as. For instance, a male Royal will only wear male, and androgynous Attire, while an androgynous Royal may be clothed in Attire of all genders. Same goes for Attire...for instance, a female Attire Card may be placed exclusively on female, and androgynous Royals. But a male Royal just refuses to wear that!

The Attire Cards are also the currency in the game...meaning, they're the money. Use your clothing and wealth to pay the Tailor's Fee ✂️ on the Tailor Cards. The tricky Tailor Twins then go to work against your rivals, or come to the aid of your own Court!

127 playable cards in the deck, and you don't have to filter ANY of them out before playing. Just shuffle, and have fun!
Naked Court is ALWAYS ready to play.

Naked Court was born of the magical & maddening mind of Christian Simmons, and illustrated entirely by master artist Britt Spencer - featuring over 100 original works. And get this... the game is off to the manufacturer and can be in your hands in just a few months.

Androgynous Emperor card from Naked Court: The Card Game
Butt-Naked Booster
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A card from "Naked Court: The Card Game": Purple Silk PantsA card from "Naked Court: The Card Game": Knit StockingsPlaying card from Naked Court, the Card Game.A card from "Naked Court: The Card Game": Ornate Dagger

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More exciting products are coming from Christian and Naked Court Games!

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