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Rules & Gameplay

In Naked Court, when it's your TURN, make up to 3 MOVES from a variety of move-types. Quickly pay, trade, and demand payment from other players by playing the Tailor Cards! Trick the clothes off your opponent, or drain their wallets...either way, when they're naked, you win!

Click here to download the full rulesheet.

Androgynous Emperor card from Naked Court: The Card Game
Yellow halftone pattern
Card from Naked Court: The Card Game ("Sullied Soldier's Uniform")Card from Naked Court: The Card Game ("Female King")Card from Naked Court: The Card Game ("Goose Down Gown")

...butt is it complicated?

It may seem complicated at first, but take our advice…dive in and all will become clear quite quickly! Naked Court is fairly intuitive to play, and once you have the basics down you’ll be denuding Royals in no time. Trust!

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