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Butt-Naked Booster

Butt-Naked Booster
$ 14.00 USD
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This NSFW Pack of 33 CARDS features all the Royals from the game well and truly naked. "Butt-naked" in fact! Replace the 33 family-friendly Royal cards in the base game with these Butt-Naked cards for a REVEALING new experience. A rather timeless depiction of nudity. No funny stuff. However... expect the unexpected. The Butt-Naked Booster will not be sold in retail outlets. It will be sold exclusively here!

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Blue Halftone pattern
A card from "Naked Court: The Card Game": Purple Silk PantsPlaying card from Naked Court, the Card Game.Attire card from Naked Court: The Card Game: "Crocodile Petticoat"A card from "Naked Court: The Card Game": Ornate Dagger

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